Community Development Block Grant

    Over the last ten years NDPDD has prepared and administered community development block grant applications that total in excess of $60 million in state and federal funds combined with approximately $200 million from private and other public funding sources to expand the infrastructure of existing industrial facilities and rehabilitate low to moderate income housing.

    Revolving Loan Fund

    NDPDD is currently operating four loan programs: the Economic Development Administration (EDA) loan program, the Minority Business Enterprise (MBA) loan program, the Mississippi Small Business Assistance (MSBA) loan program, and the Rural Development Intermediary Relending loan program. Click here for applications.

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    NDPDD has utilized its Geographic Information System to perform a variety of services in the district such as land use analysis and mapping, demographic and economic development analysis, solid waste management, public safety, redistricting, etc. The recent addition of a dedicated GIS server opens up a world of possibilities for the seven-county region. Local governments may now have access to their own data at any time.

More services
  • Comprehensive Plan Development
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Community Facilities Planning
  • Tourism Development
  • Transportation Planning
  • Data Management
  • Address Mapping
  • Industrial Park Planning
  • Industrial Park Mapping
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Redistricting

Medicaid Waiver

Home and Community-Based Services

    The Elderly and Disabled Waiver program, funded through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid, provides services to individuals ages twenty-one (21) or older who, but for the provision of such services, would require placement in a nursing facility. It is a statewide program that allows qualified beneficiaries to remain in a home or community-based setting.

  • Case Management
  • Institutional Respite
  • Adult Day Care
  • In-Home Respite
  • Extended Home Health Visits
  • Transition Assistance
  • Home Delivered Meals