GIS and Hazard Mitigation

GIS Basemap

All of NDPDD in one interactive map

Clarksdale Tourism

Locations of Tourism in Clarksdale

Como Fire Hydrants

Status of Fire Hydrants in Como

Abandoned Structures

Quitman Abandoned Homes and Structures

Bridge Locations

Tallahatchie Bridge Locations and Status

Voting Locations

Tallahatchie Voting Locations

Hazard Mitigation

    North Delta Planning and Development District, Inc. is updating the Hazard Mitigation Plans for the counties in our district and is providing them here to the public for comments and input.

    This forum is open to absolutely everyone residing in the counties of Coahoma, DeSoto, Panola, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate and Tunica.

    Neighboring communities, non-profits and academic institutes are also encouraged to comment. Please review the plan (linked below) associated with your county and send any comments or input with the box below.

    *NOTE: All plans have been reviewed and passed by both MEMA and FEMA.